Gastroenterologist in Lima, Ohio

At Gastroenterology of West Central Ohio, we strive to bring you the latest in medical advancements. Our trained gastroenterologists and hepatologists are dedicated to providing you with the information key to making the best treatment decisions. Whether you are dealing with slight abdominal pain or something more serious, such as colon cancer, we at Gastroenterology of West Central Ohio strive to inform our patients of all their available treatment options. Having a full understanding of your treatment can aid in your recovery.
Physiotherapist pressing patients pelvis - Lima OH
Hand on belly isolated - Lima OH
Doctor checking stomach of sick girl - Lima OH
If you have trouble swallowing, pain in your abdomen, rectal bleeding or constipation, it is important to seek help. Reaching out to one of our trained specialists can get you the preventative care you need. We make your comfort our top priority. Whether you're in need of cancer screenings or a simple checkup, our professionally trained staff is at your service.
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